Zen Premium Knife Set

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Finally... A Knife Set Designed For Your Kitchen!
The alluring aroma of rosemary, garlic, and freshly ground black pepper fills the air.  A comfortable warmth hits you as you open your oven to grab the bread that was inside.  Its perfect golden brown exterior signifies it has been cooked to perfection.  As it cools, you find your honing steel and knife to cut this masterpiece into even slices for your family to enjoy.  With the skill of an artisan, you pass the knife across the honing steel.  The walls reverberate with the sound of metal hitting metal as you sharpener your knife to a razors edge.  As you gently grab your bread and put the knife's edge to the golden brown its skin and push down, your bread resists and flattens under the pressure of the knife.  What a disaster!  Your hours of work all gone!  Your fluffy bread reduced to a flattened mess!  It is time for you to replace those knifes that aren't holding their edge and are ruining all your hard work.
Introducing the Zen Premium Knife Set.  A set designed for both beauty and functionality!  Sharp enough to cut straight through a pineapple with no effort!  They can handle any meat, fruit or vegetable with ease.  Cut out hours of prep time each week by using the right tool for each job.
The versatile Gyuto is our classic chef's knife with a Japanese twist to it!  The thinner blade holds an incredibly sharp edge for longer than your traditional chef's knife.  Whether chopping green peppers to add to an omelette in the morning, slicing grapes for delightfully creamy chicken salad, or if you need to julienne carrots to put in your chicken soup.  This knife can do it all!
Maybe tonight you should try that new spaghetti squash recipe you found.  This is the ultimate tool for this task!  Let your edge and the weight of the knife do all the work!  It cuts right through the squashes armor plated skin like it wasn't even there.  Now all you need to do is grab a spoon, some butter and brown sugar!  Is the prep done already?!  It is time to grab your Santoku knife and easily cut your seared Ahi Tuna into uniform pieces.  If you need a precise cut this is the only tool you should be using!  Sure the Gyuto is great for multi-purpose cutting, but it can never replace the Santoku!

No kitchen should be without these knives! A culinary perfection combining award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, awe-inspiring design & the absolute best materials available.  Peak performance never looked so good to you or your wallet. 
These knives are Ruthlessly Sharp and are ready for any task you throw at them!  You can cut a slice of bread so thin you can see through it!  They cut meat better than an electric knife. You'll be able to go through frozen food as though it were melted butter! They are so sharp they can cut through a tin can & still perfectly slice a tomato!  You can even chop wood & they will still remain razor sharp!

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      Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. Our Knives have been built with Perfection in Mind.  It's the ideal multipurpose cutlery gift for Home Cooks, Professional Chef’s, or Culinary Students!

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